Earthcomber Spot Guides

Erik has mentioned both Earthcomber and
Moon Guides here before, and now there is reason to
celebrate a partnership between the two that should make PDA travelers happy.

Last week Earthcomber introduced
Spot Guides, versions of popular travel guidebooks now
made for mobile devices, that combine mapping and personalization features. Among the first offerings of these virtual
books are nine city guides from the
Moon Metro series: Miami, Boston,
Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, NYC, Seattle, San Francisco and DC. Each one retails for $9.75 and covers restaurants,
nightlife, shopping, hotels, arts and leisure, and transportation for each city.

These guides run on PalmOS phones and PDAs, and provide location sensing and area searching with or without GPS.
According to Earthcomber, versions for Windows Mobile, cell phones and Blackberry devices are in production. Multiple
Spot Guides, unabridged and with photos, can fit onto a single, stamp-sized memory card. The software is
free to download.

Other guides that have partnered with Earthcomber to date are Mobil Travel Guides ($14.95),
Damron USA ($19.85) and, of course, Find A Grave ($9.85), your guide to over 9,000
tombstones of the rich and famous.