Artists of Brücke at MOMA

The NYC It’s a big weekend here in NYC, what with the marathon here and all. And I’ve had
several friends and aquaintances write and ask me what’s going on. What can they do here in the city for
fun. Well, for the art buffs among them, I will probably send a group to the Museum of Modern Art,
or MOMA.

And so as I was checking out the MOMA site, I came across this very well-done site and
guide to the German Brücke movement. The site
covers its political and artistic ramifications, and delves into the majority of the Brücke
artists’ visual work. The site nicely provides separate branches of information for each artist, and
really delivers a solid survey of what German Expressionism is all about. Some highlights include: a pop-up
political map of Germany with three overlays, voice-over audio files, and Franzi Reclining.