Greenland or Bust

It’s getting far too cold right now to entertain a destination like
Greenland, but that doesn’t detract from its ultimate allure. I confess
I’ve had Greenland on the mind for several years now, and have long imagined setting up a trip with friends to paddle
there, especially around Kangia fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the spirit
of great adventures, then, let’s head to Greenland via this fine piece

Greenland, you probably already know is not very green (and the name “whiteland” was already taken by a small band
of extremists in Idaho). But it is the world’s largest island, and as such there is bound to be some tourism there,
albeit not much. Just 30,000 tourists visit Greenland each year, with the bulk going to the city/town/village of
Ilulissat, a word meaning “icebergs” in Greenlandic, a language
you probably never learned in high school….unless you are Inuit.

Well there is a fair amount to do in Greenland…though perhaps not commensurate with its size. In that sense you
might compare it to, say, the moon. But you can still kayak, hike, fish, build an igloo, explore the history of the
place. In short, there’s enough to keep you busy and make you tired so that at night, as you settle down in a warm
place, the Schnapps will taste extra good going down.