Toy and Action Figure Museum

Here’s one for the little super heroes so often seen in comic books, cartoons, and the big screen
but never in an exhibit of their own. The Toy
and Action Figure Museum
out of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma changed all that on October 15, 2005 when they opened. This
is unique place dedicated to a wide collection of “pop culture” toys will not only be used to ignite moments of
nostalgia playing with your G.I. Joe in Grandpa’s backyard, but will also educate museum goers on the social and
historic evolution of the action figure. Tributes to designers, sculptors and toy companies can also be found within in
the museum.

Pauls Valley, OK is located only an hour outside of Oklahoma City and two hours from Tulsa or Dallas. So the next
time one of your pals tells you there ain’t squat to do or see in Oklahoma make sure you point out the museum.
Then tell them to do it for the ‘little guys.’