One for the Road: 1,000 Places

This book has been out for over two years now, but I don’t think it’s ever been mentioned at Gadling. I just
received it as a farewell gift on my last day at my job. It is a great book for wanderlust folks of all ages, and
perfect for the nightstand — flip through a few pages and dream of faraway places till dawn.

Two of my co-workers were kind enough to get me a copy of Patricia Schultz’s
1,000 Places to See
Before You Die
and the companion

Traveler’s Journal
, which actually has a checklist of the 1,000 places in the back. The journal is just the right
size for traveling, with a semi-soft cover that makes it flexible for carrying in your daypack.

I did have the desk calendar
version of this last year, but it is nice to now have the complete list, organized by country in a 900+ page paperback.
I did a quick run through the checklist and discovered that I’ve been to 10 international places and about 28 in the
USA. In some instances, I’ve been to the city listed, but not the particular attraction or festival written about for
that location. Either way, I’ve got my work cut out for me!