Views of the Northeast: Flight

A blog I’ve enjoyed reading for several years is
Views of the Northeast, where Ana shares snapshots from
her travels and daily life up north. I was particularly struck by
this photo that she posted over the
weekend. Birds are constant travelers, and this photo of a winter migration captures the concept of travel in a unique
way. There are many more stunning nature images on Ana’s
website and in her
gallery. She sometimes focuses on certain themes in her
photography collection and has grouped similar subjects together — here is one group specifically labeled
travel. This photo of flight is not our POTD,
but I wanted to give a nod to this excellent travel and nature photography weblog. Ana’s photos of diverse landscapes,
animals and weather (among other things) can be captivating, often able to take the viewer someplace else. At least
that’s what often happens to me when I admire her views.