Circumnavigating South Georgia

What would Shackleton have said? The legendary explorer made one of the most epic survival
sails of all time from an ice flow in Antarctica to South Georgia earlier this century. It’s amazing he and his crew
survived, but I would guess that it would hardly have crossed his mind to get paddle the island in a kayak…on purpose.
Well, now a group of kayakers who set out in October completed the first
circumnavigation of South Georgia.
Their site with photos and updates can be seen here. This is a truly
amazing feat. The island is smack in the center of some of the roughest, coldest seas on the planet. We are talking
wicked conditions. Obviously the crew was well-equipped with state of the art GPS and technical gear, not to mention
fancy yellow dry suits, but you have to allow your jaw to drop in awe. This was ballsy.