Disneyland: It’s like ice cream

I have a love-hate relationship with theme parks: I don’t really care for roller coasters, and think that most of
these places are overpriced and overrated. But I will admit that all of us kids, big and small, deserve a day of pure
fantasyland every once in awhile. I’ll just take mine at ground-level, thank you.

I visited Disneyland Paris almost ten
years ago, on the same day I visited Versailles — a most bizarre doubleheader daytrip we made only cuz someone had
given us free tixs to the park. All I remember was the queasy stomach I had after that horrible Space Mountain ride.
And it felt weird being at Disney in Europe. Just freaky. Which leads me to
this piece about a
skeptic British mom who takes her kid to Disneyland in Paris for the first time. This kid didn’t even know who Mickey
was till he got to the park! As mom explains, it was basically a holiday on “…900 hectares of America…” smack dab in
the middle of France. Yup — very weird.

But mother and son do leave happy after their weekend at Disney, and realize that some things might just be okay in
small doses. Again, as long as there are no upside-down-in-the-dark-flip rides, I’d take a kid there one day.