Time Zones Make You Mad

I’ve been working with a person in China on a project and every time I have an idea or need
something I get on email or the phone and try to reach her. Being occasionally scatter-brained, or at least blinded by
the incandescent brilliance of my idea (note to erik: Feed tuna mayonnaise!), I always forget that when it’s three
pm here, it’s, well, some other time someplace else for someone else. And usually it’s a very bad time for that
person. That’s how God made the world, you see. Well, these days I look before I leap…or at least before I dial.

I now check out worldtimezone.com, which has got every city and spot on
the map broken out by time zone. And if I’m feeling Phoenician, well, then I use the handy
sunclock feature that lets me see if it is light or dark on
some spot on the globe. Then I know whether my good idea is a literal wake up call to my client.