Explore Oman

Over the year we’ve hand plucked some very exciting things to do, see, and eat all over the
globe. Some leave a very heavy impression in our minds hours after reading or writing
about them. They work themselves into our dreams and become sort of an infatuation until the flight
is booked and our feet touch the soil for the first time. For me, Oman is quickly starting to become this
place. In the past we’ve touched on Mark Evan’s kayak trip around the country’s coastline, some terrific diving,
cave trekking, bird-watching as well as cruising the Straits of Hormuz by dhow. You can catch-up on the
past Oman coverage here.

All of these things have caused me to go back and google Oman several times. Each time I find another new site.
Explore Oman seems like an awesome place to begin if you’re completely
unaware of what this country is about. A tour agency located in the UK operates the site and offers independent
and group tour packages. The country overview provides all the needed basics, while the gallery displays some very nice
photos from all over the country. Sweet website to check out if you’re wanting to dream Arabian nights, though I
think I’m ready to skip dreaming and start living.