New York in Film

Every day I walk around the city and see movies or TV being shot. Some months ago, I was coming home late at night
and there was a movie set up ahead, and I kind of made my way over to it just in time to see Steve Martin striding
goofily across the street in a yellow suit. Turns out it was likely a scene from the Pink Panther. So much is filmed in
New York that it’s got to be hard to come up with a concise list of classic New York Film scenes…that is, scenes from
classic films placed in the city. My tastes would range all over the place, from the
Warriors (Central Park) to the Godfather (Lower East Side).
Fodors has put together its own list of these scenes and
places, and while I agree with several of the films they consider “classics” (I guess that’s the real issue here…what
is classic and what is not) I concur, others (You’ve Got Mail) I am more dubious. But regardless, it could make a nice
guide to the city if you are both a movie fan and coming to the city for the first (or second, or whatever) time.