Visit the Other Jersey

Show of hands for those who can honestly tell me where Jersey is located. I’m not talking about
our beloved New Jersey presently suffering from identity issues as
Kelly kindly put it yesterday. The Jersey I’m speaking of
is the tiny nine by five mile island situated in the English Channel, northwest of France. It truly felt
as if I had made this huge discovery finding the detailed tourism website devoted entirely to the
island. And perhaps I just need to peel my own eyes open a bit more, but why is it I never read about this other
Jersey with incredible day walks,
cycling, and
fishing in mags or newspapers? Obviously someone is aware of the
tremendous amount of history, activity, and culinary delights to be found in Jersey.  Who are they? Where do they
come from? Where do they go?


For those of you (like myself) just tuning into the island, I point you to La Fete de Noue
Christmas Festival
running from November 26 – December 11, 2005. There are several other events listed on the
festival page, but this one sounds best for the holidays. The streets of St. Helier become illuminated with white
lights, paving an almost magical path for late night shoppers searching for  perfect holiday gifts.
During this time visitors can also take guided walking tours to learn about the history and natural landscape of
Jersey. The walk includes stops at historic castles, old graveyards, and dark country lanes. Sounds a little spooky,
but for the most part I imagine it to be quite dreamy.