Bangkok is Bustling

Years ago, in my more idealistic years, I was all about saving the environment. The catch-phrase of the day was
“sustainable development” and I wanted to be a part of it. And I wanted to live abroad, to experience Asia, and
Thailand in particular. So after a bit of searching and letter writing, I found myself a job in Bangkok. The city blew
me away. It is, as I once said to a friend, NOT a place for the undisciplined. No matter. It was still one of the most
intense experiences I’ve ever had. I lived out from the center of the city and took a tuk tuk to work. Bangkok at that
time (about ten years ago) was dirty and chaotic. There was a nary a hip Western feel to the place. But all that seems
to be changing. I read Matt Gross’ article on Hip
with rapt interest. The city that I remember so well (and have since visited once) is now a booming,
bustling cultural center in Asia. This makes a LOT of sense to me. I’ve always thought the Thais are kind of like the
Brazilians of Asia. Much more fun-loving, relaxed, creative, that the rest of the continent. From architecture to art
to music to film, Bangkok is buzzing. I have to say, reading this piece stirred a desire in me to go back to Bangkok. I
am still fascinated with the place…and I’m a lot more disciplined now, too.