Cameroon’s Race of Hope

Every year in February, people from each continent, ready to run
the Race of Hope gather on the
paved road facing the base of Mount Cameroon to compete. The mountain
which conceals an active volcano that has erupted three times in the last decade measures in at 13,428 feet and is
regarded as the tallest mountain in West Africa. The 17-mile race is one of the toughest. Once a runner reaches the
summit she/he gets a pink card stapled to their shirt and then makes their way back down the slippery slope to complete
the race.

Cameroon is known as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa, so the race often sees visitors from war torn
countries on the continent who hope for the same kind of peace. The Race of Hope sounds like a good event to either
participate in or just watch from the sidelines while in Cameroon. If you’re the type constantly on the lookout for a
new race to run, way to challenge the mind, body, and test your endurance an experience like this one sounds perfect.
Unless you’re accustomed to running those ridiculous blazing hot marathons in Death Valley.