One for the Road: A Left Hand Turn Around the World

I love reading about the offbeat journeys that folks take when they travel the world. It’s
intriguing to see what specific niche interests or burning questions prompt people to pick up and head out. In this
case, it’s all for the sake of handness. In his new book A
Left-Hand Turn Around the World
, southpaw David Wolman travels to Scotland, Japan, Quebec and, of course, Left
Hand, West Virginia to explore the reasons behind what causes left-handedness. Wolman’s book, a mix of “two parts
science, one part travelogue” is a one-of-a-kind quest to understand what distinguishes a leftie from a rightie.
Publishers Weekly praises this amusing tome as a perfect holiday gift for your favorite southpaw. Wolman will
be at
Street Books in Chicago on November 22
, signing books with his left hand, but of course.