Saturday Night Travel Chatter

Over a delicious homemade dinner with a few friends and family
last night, the conversation turned to travel as we wrapped up the main course. For a good twenty minutes or so, we
traded transportation stories about nightmare bus rides, traffic jams and our favorite budget airlines. There was
praise for Jet Blue and Southwest, several scoffs for Independence, and a brief debate over alternative plane boarding
procedures. And then of course, there was the obvious holiday travel banter: “We’re expecting at least five hours on
the Turnpike Wednesday evening…” or “Our return flight from Iowa lands at Dulles around midnight on Sunday… if
there are no delays.”

Was I the only one who noticed a theme? Things continued as the plates were cleared, the topic shifting to talk of
vacation destinations and honeymoon hot spots. Someone mentioned the
pirate fiasco to a newlywed couple just back from a
cruise, and a few high seas horror stories soon followed. Another friend shared how much he was enjoying his latest
read, Bill Bryson’s
A Walk in
the Woods
. To top it all off, we pondered the (possible?) latest trend in matchmaking after learning about two
different couples who had started dating after meeting while using DC’s Zipcar sharing

As someone who reads and writes about these topics incessantly, I was particularly aware of how much conversation
revolved around travel and transport. There were a few questions for me too, about my ’06 trip plans, but I really
wasn’t leading most of the discussions, despite my wanderlust ways. I dined with a well-traveled bunch whose roots
stretch from Nebraska to India. But I was still slightly astounded (and pleased, of course) at the level of travel
chit-chat. With my globetrotter radar in full effect, I enthusiastically noted that travel truly does make the world go

[Photo courtesy of my photoblogging travel pal, Tamara Nicol]