How Would You Like Your Goat, Sir?

When I was living in Chile, I’d be driving along the highways out of Santiago and would see women on the roadside
holding up fresh goat corpses. The corpses were usually small, and their red meat glistened in the sun, and the women
holding them often smiled broadly, giving the same effusive salesy expression of a concierge at the Four Seasons. It
could be quite a pretty sight, I assure you. Now, it’s not that you’ll be seeing goat meat along the road that I bring
this up. But, you MIGHT be seeing goat meat at your dinner table. Yes, it turns out that goat meat, once reserved for
third world tables only, might slowly becoming a part of the American diet, or

so says this piece in the LA Times

let me say that I have tried goat. Many times. I’ve had goat tacos, and goat meat cut right off the spit. It is pretty
good. It’s got its own zing, but the taste is very pleasant. According to the article, goat meat imports to the U.S.
jumped about 140% over the last seven years. And that means that (who else?) Californians are getting into the act, um,
beefing up goat farms and sending the meat to the local market. So don’t be surprised if sometime in the near future
you happen hear someone order a McKid.