Mendoza, Argentina

From Long
Island wines
to Argentinean varieties
— how’s that for a shift? Two things about the Mendoza
of Argentina have landed in my inbox this week, both raving about the amazing wines in this region. First, I
read about Mendoza’s annual wine festival in an article
just posted on GoNOMAD, and my mouth began to water…The next Vendimia
will be held March 4-5, 2006. Then I received digital photos from a friend who just returned from ten days exploring
Buenos Aries and Mendoza. A horseback riding trip with Aconcagua and the Andes
as a backdrop was the highlight of his trip, and after seeing photos, I understand why. This region is home to a
fabulous culinary atmosphere, breathtaking views and a rich cultural tradition. Don’t you want to go? Yeah, I know…me
too. Here’s one hotel recommendation that Adrienne
mentioned earlier this year and a bunch more to get you started.