Red Eye With the Baby

Oh man oh man. I don’t think I could have put it any better
than Stefania Butler in her recent BloggingBaby
recent BloggingBaby post: there is nothing that strikes fear into the heart of a traveling parent than the words
” For those on both sides of the aisle, a screaming baby on a red eye is a nightmare. Even the most
expensive noise-reduction headphones in the world won’t eclipse the ear-drum shredding wails of an unsatisfied infant.
So what do you, what CAN you, do? I mean, parents can’t just be told NOT to travel with babies, right…right? Well,
Butler’s list of things to consider is a good start. She offers advice like board early (most airlines provide an
opportunity “for those traveling with small children” to find their seats and get situated before other passengers.
Another suggestion: pack breakfast. Yes! Babies have to eat, and when they don’t they get crabby. And if you think you
have a crabby infant on your hands, try putting airline food in its mouth. So these are a few of the things to consider
to be considerate. Since we’re here on the busiest travel day of the year, a little sound advice is nice.