West Virginia Ski Town

Davis, West Virginia may not be your ski destination of choice this year, but
there are several
reasons to consider the quiet and quaint little place.
Mens Journal named it one of the “10 Coolest Mountain Towns” in North America
and with 150-plus annual inches of snow, residents who were surprised about the amount of visitors who didn’t know
about their town in the past will surely be surprised when they start flocking to Davis. The area which is located
at the edge of the highest mountain valley east of the Rockies, a 14-by-3-mile trough claims to be a pretty happening
place for an urban refugee. 


Mostly due to it’s lack of shops which is limited to antique shops, an art gallery, herb shop, and gourmet
food shop. Davis isn’t a place to go to be overwhelmed by the mountain, snow, or flashy high-end ski shops.
It’s the kind of mountain town you to go that makes you feel like home away from home while providing enough snow for
memorable ski experiences.


via CNN