Borat’s Troubles

I meant to post about this Ali G/Borat business when I first heard the news, but must have gotten preoccupied with
something else. The fact is, though, this is really funny when you think about it. Absurd and funny.

Some of you probably know the character of Borat, played by Sacha Baron Cohen as part of the Ali G show. Cohen, who
also plays the goofy, intentionally ignorant HipHip impresario Ali G is being sued by the Kazakh government for
portraying them as sexist, racist, stupid louts who sing songs like “throw the Jew down the well” (or, wait, was that
the Stones? Oh well, nevermind). Of course, nothing helps spread slanderous and offensive (and, you have to
admit,  pretty damn funny) comments better than publicity. And so what was kind of a minor comedic phenomenon, has
gained international prominence. Cohen, who is Jewish, has responded to the Kazakh efforts by
assuming the character of Borat and saying: “I like to state, I have no connection with Mr Cohen and fully support my
government’s position to sue this Jew.” What a crazy crazy world.