Dead Sea Dying?

Years ago when I was traveling in Israel we
stopped at the Dead Sea and did the Dead Sea float. That is, we put our bathing suits on and trundled into the muck and
down to the smelly shore, where we waded out a ways and then lay back and floated in the Dead Sea’s very salty water.
The water is so salty, in fact, that the density of the water is higher than regular water. Higher, in fact, than most
of your body. And so you seem to magically float high in the water at the Dead Sea. Well, these kinds of experiences
may be coming to an end. According to
this piece
, the Dead Sea may be dying. This gross (face it, it is) little body of water this has been central to
civilization for 10,000 years is evaporating at such a pace that scientists say it is falling by a meter in depth every
year. So, either is better rain there, or you should get your ticket to Israel now and get your float in before there
ain’t no more Dead Sea to float in.