One for the Road: Too Much Tuscan Sun

I went into the archives for this 2004 release. It must have been all that homemade pizza and wine we dined on last
night — I’ve got Italy on my mind.

Too Much Tuscan Sun: Confessions of a Chianti Tour Guide
was written by Dario Castagno, a British-born Italian who
moved back to Tuscany at age 10. After working in a winery, he opened his own tour guide business,
Chianti Black Rooster Tours, and chronicles his adventures in this
book. One review I read in a UK publication said the details about opening his business were very interesting, but the
stereotypical look at visiting American tourists gets a little old. Overall, it is regarded as one guide’s amusing
perspective on daily life in tourist-swamped Tuscany. One particular reason I’d like to read Dario’s account is that he
shares details of the popular Palio di Siena bareback horse race
that takes place each summer. In 2003, Dario was a member of the team that won the race.