Signspotting in the Miami Herald

We’ve all probably clicked into Doug Lansky’s super amusing collection of
funny signs
across the globe at least once or twice. I’ve been far too many times to count. Perhaps you’ve even
submitted a photo of a sign you once spotted yourself. Doug shares his tales and how the creation of the his web site
(signspotting) and book published by Lonely Planet came about with the
Miami Herald. It was his first couple of
encounters with signs and their not quite on the money translations that led him to share them with the world.

Something I probably gave some thought to, but never much was the intro to Doug’s piece. How is it you can’t do
practically anything a citizen can do when visiting a new country except drive. It’s almost impossible getting a
personal check cashed if even possible at all, your library card isn’t valid and you can’t vote. But you can drive.
I’ve never driven in any other country, but the U.S. and I’ve been debating on renting a car when visiting Trinidad
this coming February. I’m terrified. I hate driving here, so I think I’m definitely going to pass on trying to get my
brain to operate opposite to what it’s accustomed to. Forget learning the signs while in the driver’s seat. My
best bet is to take the walking sign spotting tour and learn the signs before wrecking the rental vehicle or
having a symphony of blaring horns played at me.