Chumbe Island Coral Park

If you’re looking for pure exotic fun and diving…well, do some research and go. Just kidding. I was looking through a copy of Scuba Diver magazine from a few months ago and caught mention of Chumbe Island Coral Park in Tanzania. This incredible ecolodge on Chumbe, a coral archipelago about 7 miles south of Zanzibar Town, features seven bungalows that dangle over the sea. This is paradise. Really. Honestly. A two-mile sand bar, killer waves, coconut crabs crawling through the trees, and some of the finest diving this side of paradise. And when I say eco-paradise, I mean it. Greenies will love the solar-powered bungalows, composting efforts and overall eco-feel. Oh, there is also a real exclusivity to it. The island is privately managed and only allows 14 guests at a time.