One for the Road: The Thong Also Rises

As I said back in September, I knew I’d mention this
book again. The Thong Also Rises is a hilarious collection of
travel stories by women. And tonight at Powells editor Jen Leo,
along with contributors Jennifer Colvin and Julia Weiler, will be reading from the stories they penned about their wild
woman travels in France and Thailand. Puke and pets…and I’ll leave it at that. You’ll have to buy the book to get the
scoop! From Guatemala to India, at sea and in the air, this collection of hysterical stories from amazing wanderlust
women is the perfect carry-on item to take along on your next adventure. If you can make it to Powell’s tonight, stop
by and say hi — I’ll be there too, laughing along with the ladies. If you can’t make it, but want to learn more about
this great series of travel stories, try to catch Jen on her
radio tour. The
Leo Trio makes a fabulous gift package for your favorite
female traveler.