Small Scissors O.K. On Planes

Hold everything folks! As of December 22, 2005 small scissors and tools will be pulled from
prohibited items list, whereas bombs will remain as
unacceptable items to carry-on on board the flight. Apparently a lot of time has been wasted looking for articles
that pose little risk which has caused security lines to slow down as well as huge pile-ups. In addition
to this minor change passengers may run into more through pat-downs and other security checks before boarding
the plane. Now-a-days screeners only check backs and abdomens, but in a couple of short weeks arms and legs
will be frisked as well. With an intense focus being placed on bombs you may also find a few extra
bomb-sniffing dogs around the airport. Reactions about the announcement were mixed among both passengers and

Is it just me or does a trip to the airport feel a little like going to the circus?