One for the Road: The Frozen Coast

As a sea kayaker and as someone who has been to Antarctica, I was
very pleased when I stumbled across a photography book called
The Frozen Coast.
This is one of those picture books that will have you shaking your head and going, “No way” as you stare at the
breath-taking colors and the mind-blowing scale of the place. And when you realize that these photos were taken by a
bunch of guys in kayaks, well, it makes the whole thing even better.

The images in this book do a great job capturing the brutal charm of the Antarctic Peninsula. This epic journey is
undertaken by Kiwi Graham Charles who kind of stumbled upon the fact that paddling the Antarctic was one of those
things that hadn’t yet been done. So let’s do it, he said. Why not? Why not, indeed. So Charles wrangles up a couple of
buddies and undertakes a 528-mile voyage that resulted in this fine, fine paddling book.