World Insect Snacks

Mmm… I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and I’m reading about all these (gulps) delicious
insect snacks from around the world. Oh yeah! I’m talking about ambrosial
cooked locusts, sweet honeypot ants, mouth-watering witchety grub (type of moth larva), and of course hachi-no-ko
(boiled wasp larvae). Is your stomach growling yet?

The write-up on these global finger-licking
comes from the University of Kentucky’s Department of Entomology and questions why the North American
culture is so bugged out by bugs? Just a guess here, but when they’re frantically crawling around a glass dish on Fear
Factor the idea doesn’t come off as a pleasurable dining experience. I haven’t had the chance to feast on insects to
date, but I’d probably chomp on a locust or two. Had any yourself?

See what kind of critters await your taste-buds in your next travels through Algeria, Australia,  Japan and

(picture from photoroamings)