Gadling Gift Guide: Spa Finder Gift Certificates

We may not be on the lookout for the pricey world-class mud wraps, botox treatments, or
pedicures on a regular basis like our friends over at
Luxist, but the gift of a good, deep, back pampering massage, especially
during the holidays, should not be refused. Most spa treatments or simply a trips to the spa are
more about providing an experience these days and the pickings are many. Perhaps you’re loved one is in need of some
serious medical spa 101 after a rough mountain climb in Nepal or maybe your overworked spouse could
use a week-long retreat at a destination spa on the
Emerald Isle. Spa Finder can help you pin
point the perfect hydrotherapy bath, facial, or fitness and wellness program for that special someone in your
life. If you order your gift certificate of $125
or more before December 31, 2005 you’ll receive free shipping and a gift box.