Moscow Blog Blurb

Kev and Sian have A LOT of impressive travel tales to share at TravelPod, but of all their treks,
this one on
Moscow really wowed
. It’s not too often I think about Russia as a first choice travel destination, but they certainly make me
want to reevaluate my list. The pair start with a rushed and sopping entrance into the Bolshoi Theater for the last
performance of Swan Lake. Afterwards they make way to their hotel which to their luck was smack dab in the middle
(or close) of all the most popular sites. Imagine Kremlin, Red Square, and St. Basil’s pretty much at your
fingertips. However, due to the Russian Cyrillic alphabet, crazed drivers coming up on the pavement, and
lack of pedestrian crossing, getting to them could prove a little complicated. As an added bonus they’ve got some
amazing pictures to share. This colorful shot of St. Basil’s really makes me want to capture one of my