New Year’s Eve Pickle Drop

Looking for something completely wacky to do this New Year’s Eve? I’m sure we will all read about some outlandish
ways to welcome the new year over the next few weeks leading up to the big night. But in case you haven’t read any yet,
I’ll offer up one to get us started with the laughter. Actually, I’ve got not one, but TWO fantastic Pickle Drops for
you to choose from!

First up, the Mt. Olive Pickle Drop in North Carolina. The town
is home to the Mt. Olive Pickle Company, so of course it makes
complete sense for them to celebrate by dropping a three-foot lighted pickle at 7:00 EST on December 31. Uh, yeah…it’s
not weird enough to drop a pickle to welcome the new year, they also have to do it at midnight Greenwich Mean Time.
Very official these pickle guys are. Next up is the Dillsburg
in Dillsburg, PA, where they don’t make pickles but
I’m guessing they eat their fair share. These late-night pickle lovers start their party at 9 pm and Mr. Pickle decends
into the pickle barrel at midnight. Here are some photos.
I know you are just dying to go. Contain your excitement, please.

Now…just like my call for help on the ZooLights roundup,
I’ll be eternally grateful if you can find me another PickleDrop anywhere in this world…I sense a trend here, there has
to be more of these?!??!