Riding the Trans-Siberian – Rolf Knows

It is truly one of the epic travel journeys you can make today. Riding the Trans-Siberian Express railroad between
Moscow and Beijing takes you across a whole continent, and you are guaranteed to have enough experiences along the way
to write a damn fine book. But how do you do this? What routes are there? Do you need visas> Where do you get your
tickets and what’s it like? Is it safe?

All these questions and more

are answered
by or favorite Vagabonder Rolf Potts in his advice column in
the somewhat newly redesigned Worldhum…which remains one of our favorite
sites, even if we haven’t mentioned it recently…or at least I haven’t. Anyway, you can be sure that the advice is good
because, well, it’s Rolf. And also because he’s done it himself. Good advice from a good source. You can’t beat that