The Grace Lee Project

Chris Campbell at our sister
site Cinematical
reviews a recent documentary by Grace Lee showing
at the NYC Film Forum
(Dec 14-27, 2005). The Grace Lee Project is basically about a chick
named Grace Lee who began to wonder about other Grace Lees (a common Asian American name) and what their lives were
like. She got to itchin’ and fussin’ so much thinking about it that she decided to document the lives of Grace Lees all
over. The results were quite compelling, though for what it’s worth to all us John and Jane Does watching, they could
have been named anything. Would it have changed our feelings about any of the Grace Lees? If I was anywhere around the
NYC area I’d certainly check it out.

Not too long ago I discovered a 5th or 6th cousin of mine named Adrienne Wilson. We even have the same middle
initial, but I haven’t had the time to dig any further into her life. Wonder if there are any other Adrienne Wilson’s
out there reading?