Filthy Foreign Language?

Next year I really plan on pushing some foreign language features for you travelers who might
want to know a word or two, because in reality not all menu’s come with pictures. For now
let’s settle in with this funny piece from Jasper Winn over at Travel Intelligence titled
‘Filthy Foreign Lingos.’ Not sure how much I
agree with calling any language such, but I understand his woes on learning a new alphabet or how to reconfigure
your brain to make your French sound like French and not some sleazy, slurred, sexual form of English. In his
piece he lists some very good reasons why every traveler should brush up on their Grawadungalung or the native
tongue in the country their trekking. (Think not getting ripped off.) Lastly, he lists some awesome learning tools and
books to get you going, so until next year for me there’s Jasper and his words.