Is Time of a Country’s Essence?

How many times have you traveled to a developing country and heard other Americans (or Germans or French or
whatever, for that matter) complain about that nation’s inefficiencies? Almost every time I’ve been to places like
Mexico, India, Thailand, Chile, Spain…you hear the same refrain: why can’t they do things here more like we do!

I hate hearing this, and slap myself if I ever hear words of that sort come from my own lips which, I have to confess,
they occasionally do. The rhythms of developing nations, and other nations in general, are part of the weft and weave
of who they are. It is silly IMHO to gripe that another country is worse than your own because they don’t have your
hotel ready or because the toilet doesn’t work. And that’s what makes many places so unique, so interesting. Why in the
world would you want everyplace to become more like America, with its strip malls (the most pervasive and ugly
manifestations of “efficiency”)

Well…I’m sure you have your own opinion on the matter,
but the LA
does a nice job summing up the matter in this piece on the way that time flies more quickly or slower in
other places. Is it culture, climate, proximity to the equator (kind the same thing as climate), or what?