One for the Road: A Place in the Sun

It’s a stretch to call this a travel book, I know, but since it’s organized geographically and captures photos of
people in particular places, I went with it. The cover image caught my eye too — I’d like to get my hands on a copy of
this one, as I suspect some spectacular photos between the fold. After serving as a photographer in WWII,
photo-journalist Slim Aarons began taking pixs of
pretty people, covering the jet-set scene for magazines like Life, Holiday and Town and
in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. His just released third book contains stunning glam shots presented by
location, “…from Monaco through southern Europe and a bit of central Africa, then west to Bermuda, the Caribbean,
Mexico, and the U.S.”

A Place in the Sun
chronicles high society through a series of beautiful destination shots that show the super rich
at play. Aarons’ 2003 collection,

Once Upon a Time
, also captures the luxury lifestyle in glossy shots and his out-of-print first book, A
Wonderful Time
, now goes for $1,000+ to collectors.