Disaster Tourism in New Orleans

More on the rather odd, but certainly intriguing concept of disaster travel. Seems that New Orleans is the hot new
spot for this kind of thing, where people go to tour ruins and mayhem and misery.
According to the Mercury News, a
tour operator there is offering (for $35 per person, $28 for children)  bus tours of a few of Nawlin’s most
misery-stricken spots. you’ll get to visit the doomed Superdome, the Convention Center as well as an assortment of
hurricane-ravaged neighborhoods.

It’s an open question whether this is a form of immoral exploitation or a way to keep alive the fact that people’s
attention spans tend to wane and this is an issue worthy of remembrance. I tend to come out on the side of the former.
Anyhow, the company, Gray Line New Orleans, opens its first tour called “Hurricane Katrina – America’s Worst
Castastrophe,”  on January 4.