Brazil Carnival 2006

Though Carnival season hasn’t officially kicked off, I want to make special note for all you Carnival enthusiasts out there, that I will be your Gadling guide to the season. Consider
it an advance warning and let’s just put it this way – I’ve got the fever. In all my preparation for
Trinidad & Tobago’s greatest fete (notes to follow at the top of the season), I have forgotten some of the
other great Carnival destinations like Brazil. Funny thing about it though is many Brazilians are making claims to skip
out on their own festivities for those happening in TnT due to the country’s qualifying for the 06’ World Cup. So no matter which of
the two you decide to jump, wine, and parade in the streets of, it’s guaranteed madness!


Shifting the focus back onto Brazil, I’ve hand plucked a web site perfect for those planning to line the
streets and watch or those looking to participate. Brazil Carnival dot com
offers a slew of information on the event in both Rio and Bahia. Packages provide party passes, VIP access to the
most exclusive clubs, and overall an unforgettable vacation. The site also makes for a good source on other cultural
jewels like Candomble, Samba de Roda, Capoeira, and Maculele which is absolutely worth your time. When you’re not
partying that is.

Brazilian Promotions is a company based out of San Diego, CA and can be contacted by clicking here. More to come during the