Road Junky Travel Horoscopes

Depending on how good or bad your travel horoscope reads, this could be the perfect way to get your Monday off to a silly or scary start. Alternative travel site, Road Junky and Gypsy Helena
have teamed up to provide you with some important notes about what the stars have in store for you during your mountain
climbs, city treks, and ocean dives for 2005. HA! I know, two more weeks to go before the year is over, but if
you’ve never read your horoscope at Road Junky and will be doing some travel over the next two weeks then
it’s worth checking out. Come on! As a second alternative, you can click on their travel tarot readings to
find out what the cards predict. Though the cards didn’t excite me much, I really found myself laughing at my
horoscope. I’m a Gemini and everything Helena said is exactly what my friends have been telling me. See if the
same is true for you!