Fire Spa

Rather absurd story about a spa that alleges it’s
burning away the calories…with fire. Yes, the Life of Life Healing Spa says it can help you trim down pretty much
any body part with this fire treatment, which includes being massaged, smothered in Chinese herbs and wrapped in wet
towels before being set alight. Fun! The manager of the spa says that one female client had lost some five inches off
her stomach through the, shall we say, unorthodox treatment. He drags out the old " detoxifying your body"
argument more often heard these days from New Age types with too much disposable income who are in search of quick
fixes to obesity that don’t include a change in diet or exercise.

But it gets better. Once you’ve been
set alight, you undergo a “full body exfoliation” and then soak in a 300-jet spa tub before being sprayed
down with a high-pressure hose…the latter, once favored by police during the Civil Rights movement, is used for
“lymphatic drainage”. Riiiigggghht.