One for the Road: INDIA

Olivier Follmi’s website introduces him as the Photographer of Mankind, and the photos and career history outlined on his website do appear to live up to that title. His latest book is a stunning portrait of India. It contains 200 full-color photographs and illustrations that depict the daily rituals of the beautiful people who live in and work this densely populated land. According to the NYT, it’s a heavy one too, weighing in at 8 lbs, but worth every ounce and cent to be able to enjoy the stunning photos. If you are thinking of getting this as a gift for someone, you may also want to consider Indian Wisdom: 365 Days as well, the second book in Follmi’s Offerings of Mandkind series. There is a meditation or thought included for each day that focuses on India or the Hindu culture, each one also accompanied by a majestic photograph of the land or people of India. Indian Wisdom is the work of Olivier Follmi and his wife Danielle, who have written 15 books on Buddhism and are the official photographers of the Dalai Lama.