Theroux Disses Bono

Dunno what I think of this. I respect both of these guys, Bono and Travel/Fiction Writer Paul Theroux. Though I think
both possess colossal egos, I will drop all predispositions towards either of them to hear out the argument that Theroux
made in the Times a week or so ago.

Theroux wrote
in the op-ed page
that he is bothered by Bono and the save Africa by giving them more money campaign. "The
impression that Africa is fatally troubled and can be saved only by outside help — not to mention celebrities and
charity concerts — is a destructive and misleading conceit," he writes. Similarly, he chastises Bill Gates and
the Microsoft billions that are being spent around the globe to fight disease and help the poor. Why? Not only does the
money often go to prop up bad regimes…something we all know happens, but, he says giving an example from his time in
Malawi, sending in teachers and money apparently deprives Africans of the opportunity to help themselves, something
they would surely do with no money at all….right? Theroux calls sending computers to Africa an "unproductive not
to say insane idea", which to me is an insane thing to say. Sure, I agree that Malawians and Africans should be
urged to help themselves, to teach in their own schools to not have their jobs replaced by good-hearted Peace Corps
volunteers. But if there was any piece of equipment that could help Africans jump into the 21st…ok, let’s just say
the 20th, century, it would be developing a viable software industry and/or educating them in the use of computers
.Yes, I understand how unlikely this is, and I get Theroux’s point. But I don’t thin attacking the efforts of Bono and
Gates is the way to go. Let them do what they are doing. Attack the governments in these countries and set out to help
change them. Anyway, I respect all these guys. Africa is a big fricken mess, so come on, can’t we all get along?