World Music Awards 2006 at BBC Radio

You may have walked, circled, and traveled the globe as we know it, but would your ears recognize the sounds of Mariza
playing from a radio in Europe or would you be able to sing along to M.I.A.’s  funky, reggae and electronica fused “Pull Up the People,”
in a London nightclub? Here’s an easy one – Ry Cooder.
You remember him from the Buena Vista Social Club (not to mention everything before the film.) I could go on listing
musical talents from all over, but some of the names may not ring a single tune of familiarity, which is why I suggest
you swing over to the BBC. The nominees for the 2006 World Music
have been posted and while voting begins January 1, 2006, that should give you plenty of time to
decide who deserves your vote. So give your feet a rest and let your ears do the traveling.