Day 3: Transit Strike

OK, we’ve had enough

We are now in day three of this absurd strike. Who’s to blame? Hard to say…and I
really don’t want to take sides….but the folks who are not at their jobs, well, they are not at their jobs. And the
Union’s leader, Roger Toussaint, yesterday invoked Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, saying: "There is a higher
calling than the law. That is justice and equality." I gotta call BS — BIG TIME — for breaking out the race
card. Someone needs to take him to task for this. This is not a race issue.

Anyway, in the meantime, some
folks gotta pay exorbitant taxi fares (this is the story I want to read, btw…because my suspicion is that cabs are
making a KILLING. I took ONE cab the other day to go to a shoot and it cost $25 to go 20 blocks). So I’ve been walking
everywhere. For the third time this morning I walked the 30-some blocks up 8th Avenue, and noticed much more traffic
than the first day. The streets were clogged like a sclerotic artery, and much of the time my walking pace was faster
than that of the cars on 8th Avenue, esp around 34th street. The walk is a nice one, and I have to say that with
fifteen audiobooks on my ipod, walking 45 mins to work is not such a bad thing.