Theroux and Buffet on the Good Life

If you have a chance to pick up an old issue of Men’s Journal, you might stop by your local library and
take a look at the January 2005 issue. This one slipped through the cracks, but offer that it’s worth a read. Yes, it’s
filled with the usual assortment of fitness tips and pictures of dudes with rippled abs, but one of my favorite writers
AND musicians make an appearance in the issue, making it one of the more pleasing Men’s Journal months in a long

First of all, travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux pens a piece on Hawaii, and explains why he moved there over
a decade ago. Why? Well, because it’s beautiful and quiet and because when you’re rich like Mr. Theroux, you can afford
a nice place snuggling the beach. The second piece worthy of mention in the magazine is an interview with Parrothead
Jimmy Buffet. Jimmy, also wealthy and fond of the tropics talks about being so rich he can sail boats around the
Caribbean and fly big planes to places that he can put down and fish for tarpon. Still, I love Jimmy and forgive him
his excesses. Which is why I found the article such an enjoyable read. Oh, to be in a tropical place right now.