Crank Brothers' Pump

I’ve been stuck just a couple of times in my lifetime with flat tires on the trail, but each time, I was
grateful that I packed along a pump. Or that the guy I was riding with did. Still, the pump I have, while serving its
purpose nicely, is not that great.  I think I bought it way back when in Seattle for, like, $30 or something. And
to be honest, I kind of dread using it because it’s a pain and makes me feel like I’m doing a workout just
to get my tires firmed up.

So with that said, let me introduce you to the Crank Brothers’ new Power
Pump Ultra
. Just 5 and a half inches long, this compact pump is an impressive leap ahead in pump technology. An
innovative dial setting at the base lets you switch among high-volume and high-pressure systems, and so the easier
setting will help reduce arm weariness.

Sadly, it seems the pump comes sans frame mount, but it’s small and light enough to fit into a pocket or your
pack. And the price is right. The Crank Bros pump runs just $30. Nice gift for that very very last minute need.