Christmas Around the World

Merry Christmas

If you are, for whatever reason, checking out Gadling here on Christmas Day, well, we welcome you. If you are of a
non-Christian denomination and thus could give a Santa’s cuff about Christmas, well, we welcome you too. Frankly, I
like Christmas, but I am happy and tolerant and welcoming of whatever it is you want to believe and celebrate. So at
the very least, whoever you are, enjoy this fine Sunday.

Now that said, it is still Christmas, so for some of us, it is a day of hanging out around a tree that we cut
down…or bought from someone who did…and now we are opening presents and taking pictures and making big gobs of
food. Woo hoo! Or at least, that’s how we do things here in America. So how do they do it elsewhere? This being a
travel site, we are always curious and interested how people do things elsewhere. So here is a site that answers that very question. What are people around
the world…those who celebrate Christmas…doing right now? For example…what about in China? Or Italy?