Critics Choice: LA Times

I suppose if you can trust
anyone when it comes to recommending a place to to, other travel writers would be near the top. Or what about newspaper
writers whose job it is to understand a place and report on it? I suppose I’d give those guyys the time of day to tell
me what their favorite place is.

So let’s turn briefly to the Los Angeles Times’ Critics
travel recommendations page, where Times writers write about the places that turn them on. So, let’s see
what they’ve come up with.

First of all we have Lewis Segal’s piece on Poland, followed by S. Irene Virbila’s
homage to Sydney, Tim Rutten waxes
poetic about Dublin, and Christopher
Knight writes about Berlin. But of all
of them, I reserve my thumbs up for Dan Neil’s epic drive through Chile. Anyway, all are good and set up
nicely a series of ideas for you to choose from for next near’s bigg travel plans.