J*Davey Live at Nightclub 9:30

I’m writing this blurb today not
because the talent playing at Nightclub 9:30 in D.C. are my friends and not because I’m a huge fan of the D.C. metro
area (especially in the winter), but because the talent are my friends and I’ve never experienced the D.C. metro area
in the winter. If you’ll bare with my a little friendly promoting I’ll gladly supply you with the details of the venue
and why you should attend Nightclub 9:30 at any time of the year while parading through the nation’s capital, but let’s
talk about J*Davey.

For the record don’t ask me about the
name. We may be compadres, but they do a fine job explaining the dreamy likes of such a whimsical nombre. Ask me about
the music and I’ll sing a different tune. Electro, new-wave blended almost seamlessly with progressive soul really makes
it hard to put J*Davey in any corner or any genre, but the sound is certainly seductive, mysterious, raw, funky, edgy,
playful, and addictive. Fortunately, Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau are not the shy types or the kind to with hold the
magic before the show so you can feast upon their sound before rounding up your crew for a special night out, Sunday,
January 15, 2006.

Which brings me to the venue. Nightclub 9:30 has a reputation for seeing excellent live music. Their current
calendar of events includes performances by North Mississippi All Stars, The Roots, Less than Jake, Story of the Year
and Yellowcard for starters. Due to the intimate dark atmosphere and great acoustics for a club holding some 300-500
people chances are you’ll have the opportunity to get closer to your favorite artist and maybe make a new concert-going
pal. Better yet it’s pretty darn inexpensive.

Here’s the math: J*Davey plus Nightclub 9:30 in D.C.  plus
January 15, 2006 = One heck of musical rollercoaster ride.